Feb 21, 2012

IBPS and the 19 public sectors aspirant controversy

Institute of Banking Personnel or IBPS started its recruitment plan for Probationary Officers in August 2011, for which the exams were held in 13th and 19th November all over India. But the controversy started forming when the results were out in mid December. The controversy was about the eligibility criteria in IBPS and then in the banks being different. And as the public sector banks started giving notice for interview, the complexity was crystal clear among the aspirants who passed IBPS.

When Corporation Bank released its plans for recruitment of 350+ Pos, the controversy was clear. The eligibility criteria was not a pass in graduation as was in IBPS, but a 55% in graduation. This criteria was not there when aspirants applied for IBPS. So, it formed chaos among the aspirants who made a good score in IBPS, but did not have the eligibility criteria pass mark in graduation. And as other banks started giving notice, this formed a hue and cry among the aspirants.

It should be mentioned that near about one lakh plus aspirants passed IBPS. But still more than 50% of the aspirants could not apply to most of the banks, as the criteria the banks gave was out of their reach. When the banks and IBPS authorities were contacted, they sticked to their claim of official decisions cannot be revealed. So, many of the aspirants lost the opportunity, having the gold spoon in their hand.

Many of the aspirants and their parents were depressed and angry, that why IBPS did not mention it before, about the eligibility criteria banks will provide afterwards, afterall getting such high scores did not help and the IBPS pass scorecard turned into a valueless prize in their hands. Though there are some banks which are giving a pass in graduation, the numbers are less and every passed student applying it, makes the cutoff for PO interview pretty high, as obvious from Union Bank interview cutoff.

But as banks are in the process of releasing recruitment notice for Pos and interview notice, many are still hopeful. Also it is to be seen that IBPS and the banks change their policies to some extent or not, for the betterment of the talented aspirants. And many of the future aspirants are hopeful for the next IBPS PO exam. As the IBPS Bank PO controversy goes on, a clear and distinct formula is still to be revealed, and aspirants are looking forward for a feedback.